Vividcortex Database Performance Monitor

Our fast, easy, cloud-based platform delivers full visibility into database workload and query behavior.
DPM drives speed, efficiency, and savings by empowering your entire engineering team

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How can SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor help your engineers

•  SaaS monitoring with a web-based user interface
•  Monitors databases in any cloud, locally, or hybrid
•  Lightweight agents via multiple configurations
•  Protects sensitive data, GDPR & SOC2 compliant


24/7 Real-time Database Health

Performance insights mean performance gains with real-time database health monitoring.



Deploy Code With Confidence

Understand the impact of new code releases instantly with database performance monitoring.



Infrastructure Cost Savings

Database performance monitoring drives resource optimization



System Performance

Accelerate service to your customers with database monitoring



Team Efficiency

Empower your engineering and DevOps teams with database monitoring



Troubleshoot and Diagnose Outages

Dive deeper, find answers, and mitigate future risk with effective database performance monitoring insights.