Optimize SharePoint Storage with the Industry’s Leading Remote Blob Storage (RBS) Solution

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Storing SharePoint content starts easily enough, but challenges quickly grow as does your content. Soon, storage optimization is no longer a nice to have as performance suffers, costs mount, and users get frustrated. Whether you are unable to store all your content due to file size, user query times slow down, or backups begin to fail, you need a proven way to address all of these growing pains. Externalization is the key. From Microsoft in Office 365 to industry leaders in finance, healthcare and insurance, externalizing your content enables you to simply and safely manage your content while solving the most challenging storage issues of a growing SharePoint environment.

Identify the infrastructure impacting the app Quickly identify the root cause of application issues—app to LUN and everything in between.

The native SharePoint Storage Architecture Can Make Scaling SharePoint Complicated and Expensive

The native SharePoint storage architecture stores structured and unstructured (files) data in SQL Server databases. Scaling SQL Server is often expensive requiring significant investments in additional hardware including high performance storage devices. Even then, limitations on SharePoint Content Databases still exist. Unstructured data or files make up between 90-95% of the storage in a typical SharePoint environment. Metalogix StoragePoint gives you the ability to externalize files in real-time to less expensive storage devices without impacting performance, the user experience or native SharePoint functionality.

Managing Large Volumes of Content in SharePoint Is Complex and Negatively Impacts Performance

Most SharePoint environments experience explosive growth as a result of user adoption and content consolidation. Managing the growth of SharePoint can be challenging as SQL Server database limitations require high speed storage or segmentation of data to support the growing demands of SharePoint. The constant need for resources or segmentation of data is complex and requires regular maintenance. Metalogix StoragePoint allows for the externalization of BLOBs (unstructured data or files) to a variety of external storage devices create a simplified storage architecture that does not require high performance storage devices.

storagepoint-governFile Encryption and Support for Compliant Storage is Unavailable Out-of-the-box.

Many organizations leverage SharePoint for the management of sensitive or compliant documents. Unfortunately securing these documents through encryption or supporting compliant storage requirements is not possible with the native SharePoint storage architecture. Metalogix StoragePoint provides support for encrypting externalized documents, at-rest, while supporting the storage of documents on compliant storage or WORM (Write Once, Read Many) devices such as EMC Centera, EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, Dell DX Series and Hitachi HCP. Metalogix StoragePoint also supports the enforcement of records retention rules and synchronization of these rules between SharePoint Information Management Policies and compliant storage devices.

storagepoint-recoveryDisaster Recover and Backup for Large Farms

There is little doubt that large farms pose a serious challenge when dealing with backup and disaster recovery scenarios. This is, in part, due to the limited options when backing up very large SQL Server databases created by large farms not using Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) solutions. Since 90-95% of the typical SharePoint storage is comprised of files, BLOB externalization creates a unique opportunity for changing the backup strategy of your SharePoint farms. Once BLOBs are externalized they can be replicated or backed up using a variety of options that are far more efficient than backing up SQL Server databases.