SQLyog is the most powerful MySQL administration tool for DBAs, developers and database architects.

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Powertools for saving tons of time on a daily basis.

sqlyog-schema-syncSchema and Data Sync
Apply schema and data changes visually while moving from test to production. Replicate data periodically at scheduled intervals using our superfast checksum based algorithm.
sqlyog-tunnelingSSH and HTTP Tunneling
Direct access to MySQL blocked? Forced to use clunky phpMyAdmin? SQLyog has you covered.
sqlyog-backupScheduled Backups
Powerful backup wizard with a one click backup option and ability to schedule backups with ease.
sqlyog-importImport External Data
Streamline data transfer/migration from any ODBC compliant data source to MySQL.

Features Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Optimizing Tools
Redundant Index Analyzer
Schema Optimizer
Query Profiling Tools
Query Profiler
Enhanced Productivity
Data Search
Form View
Smart Autocomplete
Intelligent Code Completion
Visual Tools
Visual Data Compare
SQL Formatter
Visual Query Builder
Visual Schema Designer
Migration Tools
Import External Data
Import tasks can be scheduled
Synchronization Tools
Schema Synchronization
Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization can be scheduled
Other Power Tools
Compressed Scheduled Backups
SQL Scheduler & Reporting Tool
Scheduled Jobs
Advanced Connectivity Options
HTTP/HTTPs Tunneling
SSH Tunneling
SSL Connections
Enhanced Services
Priority access to BETAs, new versions and patches
Installation support for 1 month
Unlimited Priority Support (Optional)
DBA Productivity
Restoring/Importing large SQL dumps
User Management
Managing hosted MySQL
Connection Manager
Index Management
Relationship/Foreign Key Manager
Reorder Columns
Copy objects to another Host with single click
Table diagnostics
Optimized for managing Hosted MySQL
Developer / User Productivity
Master Table Lookup
Restores previous session on launch
Multi-colored Tabbed interface for different connections
Favorites Manager
HTML Schema Documentation
Shortcuts to generate SQL DML statements from schema definition
Creating/Dropping/Altering tables
Multi-tab Query Editor and Result-set Editor
Multiple Query Execution
Multi-threaded Query execution – Ability to stop long running queries
SQL Templates
Excel-style grid interface to view/update resultsets
View data in Grid/Text Mode
ResultSet/Data Export to CSV/XML/HTML/Excel
Supports from 4.1x and above
Excel friendly resultsets/table-data export to clipboard/file

contropoint_icon_automate_delegate_governanceAutomate Site Creation & Delegate Governance

Reduce risk, maintain compliance and take control of who can do what in SharePoint with ControlPoint’s site provisioning and policy enforcement features. Enable users to automatically create sites with approved access privileges, use of versioning, file upload limits, site quotas and the use of site templates. Save time by delegating control to discrete site administrators or power users.

contropoint_icon_plan_and_prepare_for_growthClean-Up SharePoint Content

As SharePoint grows in volume and complexity, ControlPoint helps you manage change, remove irrelevant or unused information and take action to prevent SharePoint sprawl keeping your environment clean and organized. You can also streamline your migration plans by optimizing storage and eliminating dormant content.

contropoint_icon_speed_up_administration_tasksSpeed Up Administration Tasks

ControlPoint lets you quickly respond to requests and take action faster. Need a list of all the documents a user accessed within the last 90 days? Simple. ControlPoint will generate a report in seconds. As one client said, “it makes getting information out of SharePoint 1,000 times faster.”

contropoint_icon_enforce_consistent_experiencesEnforce Consistent Sites & Experiences

Enhance user adoption of SharePoint and maintain a consistent experience across your environment. ControlPoint makes it easy to create sites and apply policies for site theme, site collection administrator, quotas, even regional or versioning settings across any number of site collections, sites or lists.

contropoint_icon_monitor_user_adoptionMonitor User Adoption

Discover your most valuable information, and your least, by monitoring individual user activity. In ControlPoint it’s easy to determine exactly who is accessing which documents. Use this insight to investigate or set permission policies and discover best practices to improve user adoption elsewhere.