Sensitive Content Manager

Get a SharePoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) System That Actually Works

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Almost every organization that uses SharePoint stores some form of sensitive content within it. The challenge is adequately protecting it. Unfortunately, most DLP systems add support for SharePoint as an afterthought rather being designed specifically for it. The end result is a system that is unfit for purpose and becomes unusable with crippling false positive rates. It’s time you got a DLP system that actually works.

Hello Machine Learning, Goodbye False Positives

Most DLP systems rely on known terms and patterns to detect sensitive content. In a highly structured environment that can work reasonably well but in the dynamic collaboration world that SharePoint supports that method comes up alarmingly short. We call this the Control + F to find failure. Instead we use advanced Machine Learning techniques to understand the context of your content to deliver a higher degree of accuracy to detect sensitive content.

sensitive-content-manager-reduce-workloadReduce Your DLP Administration Workload

It’s not just high false positive rates that cause many DLP systems to be unusable in the real world. Setup and ongoing adjustments is often a full time job. We believe that you should be able to make changes as easily as you can control the temperature in an oven. So that’s what we did. Making adjustments to relative weights and sensitivity levels for sensitive data types is as simple as turning a dial.

sensitive-content-manager-collaborateWork With, Not Against Your Users

Don’t increase risk by causing users to attempt to circumvent your SharePoint security and governance solution that gets in their way. Get a DLP system that is designed specifically for SharePoint and works seamlessly with how your users currently interact with SharePoint. Encourage safe and compliant collaboration or drive users towards shadow IT to get their jobs done? It’s a one of the easiest SharePoint decisions you’ll ever make.