Essentials for Office 365

Single, Unified Platform to Move, Manage, and Secure Content in
Office 365.

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Identify the infrastructure impacting the app Quickly identify the root cause of application issues—app to LUN and everything in between.

Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 provides all of the functionality you need to perform the lifecycle management of your Office 365 environment in a single, unified platform with one installation.
From onboarding and day-to-day user and environmental analysis and optimization, to security and backup/restore operations across Office 365 services, Essentials reduces administrative workload while ensuring that your environment remains secure and efficient.

Analyze, migrate, manage, secure, and backup your Office 365 environment across all of its services from a single, unified UI that provides all of the functionality of the disparate administrative portals and custom PowerShell scripts that Admins leverage as well as powerful analysis, remediation, migration, backup, and security functionality.
Essentials puts complete control of your environment at your fingertips.

Gain valuable insight into the state of your environment including trends in site and user activity, data growth, license deployment and usage, and permissioning and sharing settings. Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 provides an interactive, easy to understand dashboard with detailed, actionable, reports that allow administrators to ensure that their environment remains secure, its content remains relevant, and its licenses are being properly allocated for maximum ROI.

Analysis & Optimization

Onboarding to Office 365 and performing the day-to-day management and security operations requires a significant commitment of resources.
Essentials for Office 365 simplifies your adoption process by providing detailed pre-migration reporting that highlights potential pain points when moving to Office 365.
The day-to-day copy/move and backup/restore operations can be automated and scheduled for off-hours to reduce network load and administrator workload.
Ensure that user, groups, and content permissions are properly set without the need for PowerShell or Excel.