Email Migrator

Migrate Email from Any 3rd Party Archive to Metalogix Archive Manager

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There are many reasons you may need to migrate from one email archive solution to another. Usually, migrating comes with substantial risks: interrupted access for end users, downtime, lost or corrupted content and broken chain of compliance to name a few. Fortunately, Email Migrator addresses those risks, while providing the easiest way to migrate email from Exchange or any 3rd party email archive into Metalogix Archive Manager.

Identify the infrastructure impacting the app Quickly identify the root cause of application issues—app to LUN and everything in between.

Migrate Email from any 3rd Party Archive Without User Disruption

Sometimes you just have to do it – migrate your email archive that is. The old one has gotten too expensive to maintain, its features have not kept pace with times, or it doesn’t provide sufficient coverage for your compliance needs. But you’ve held off migrating because doing so meant disrupting your users’ access to email content. Email Migrator solves these concerns and lets you migrate email from any 3rd party archive to Metalogix Archive Manager and the Cloud, without interrupting user access. Email Migrator was named KM World’s Trendsetting Product of 2014.

email-migrator-mitigateMitigate Risk and Complexity of Email Archive Migration

There are many factors that need to be considered before moving business critical data from the existing 3rd party archive. Specific regulations and retention policies can also increase the complexity of such a move and lead to lengthy and often costly projects. Migrating sensitive email content while maintaining zero downtime and platform coexistence is a balancing act that needs to be managed carefully. Email Migrator has been designed to make the move as smooth and effortless as possible.

email-migrator-downtimeMigrate with Zero Downtime

Migration is often synonymous with downtime, something no organization can withstand today. Fortunately, Email Migrator ensure its business as usual for end-users. Email Migrator works effortlessly to migrate your email archive while allowing end user to continue working and accessing email just as they always have. This business continuity capability provides a positive migration experience for both end users accessing their mailbox or IT Admins migrating large volumes of mail.

email-migrator-legalProvide a Permanent Chain of Custody for Legal Compliance

One of the most pragmatic reasons an organization does not migrate an email archive is worry over compliance issues, especially concern regarding chain of custody. Email Migrator mitigates the risk and complexity of email archive migration while providing a permanent chain of custody for legal compliance. A direct source to target migration provides organizations with a tamper-proof, high-speed flow of content whilst maintaining the necessary chain-of-custody for every item migrated.

email-migrator-adminEasy and Simply Migration from a Single Admin Console

Once you decide to migrate, you want to do so as simply, quickly and painlessly as possible. Email Migrator provides you with a single admin console to manage the entire process. There are no lengthy and expensive consultation services due to easy to use out-of-the-box functionality. Email Migrator is easy to install and configure. It retains existing archive rules to ensure compliance. The entire migration process can be managed through a single interface, providing control and peace of mind.