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Precise Application Performance Platform

Multi-tiered applications written on Microsoft .NET are pervasive in the marketplace. Microsoft Sharepoint, SQL Server Reporting Services, custom applications and more are being leveraged to power enterprise processes. When slowdowns occur, the .NET tier supporting these applications is commonly blamed. However, slowdowns are often a symptom of problems in another tier, such as the database tier or the Web tier. To isolate the root cause of application performance problems, you need an integrated solution that manages performance end to end.

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  • End-to-end transaction visibility quickly isolates issues anywhere in the stack
  • Recommended corrective actions speed time to resolution
  • Historical analysis and trending discovers potential issues before they occur
  • Database stores contextual details to correlate transactions with business issues
  • Scalable performance for mission-critical business processes
  • Multi-platform support spans a diverse range of system clients

End-to-End Transaction Visibility

Variations in usage patterns, user demands, platforms, architectures, components, and customizations all play their part in undermining performance. The Precise Platform collects transaction performance information across all key technology tiers including applications,virtualization, server, databases, and storage. This end-to-end view allows IT to have visibility across their entire environment through a single application.

Recommended Corrective Actions

Reduce time to repair issues with the Precise Platform customer problem knowledge base. The knowledge base consists of real customer case data that is constantly updated. By learning from past problems for other customers, the Precise Platform can quickly identify issues, suggest a list of “prime suspects,” recommend corrective actions and even provides answers to “what-if” scenarios to assess the impact before you make a change.

Historical Analysis and Trending

The only thing better than fixing performance problems quickly, is preventing them altogether. The Precise Platform can store and process months of history (quarter-end / year-end closing) in its performance warehouse, tracking and comparing behavior and seasonal trends over long periods of time. This means problems can be identified and fixed before they actually impact performance.

Performance Management Database

The Precise Platform works by tracking the path of transactions through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure and stores both the business context and performance details in a centralized repository, the Precise Management Database (PMDB). The platform then automatically correlates transactions with users, databases, devices, files, and objects being accessed to identify performance problems anywhere within the environment.

Scalable Performance

From the world’s largest financial institutions to complex health care organizations, customers trust the Precise Platform to perform and scale to millions of transactions on their most critical business systems.

Multi-Platform Support

The Precise Platform measures the end-user experience starting from the browser and tracks it through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure – application to database to storage. The platform empowers IT to intelligently monitor and optimize performance for custom software and for leading enterprise application, such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and more.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The dashboard is an easy-to-use tool for visualizing the overall health and status of all monitored systems. It provides support for detailed views of individual application servers, organizations, locales and other entities as well as top-level summary views of multiple systems.

.NET Application Problem Prevention

Precise for .NET helps prevent performance problems across mission-critical applications such as Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service, and custom .NET applications. This is done by correlating end-user transactions with the URLs, application calls, databases, and storage devices that they access. This tier-to-tier view of performance data helps IT teams to determine how one application component is affecting the performance of another and enables them to isolate slowdowns on the Microsoft .NET tier or follow the problem in context into another tier for resolution.

Automatic Performance Analysis

The Precise Platform comes with a knowledge base of .NET best practices. Built up over years of real-world experience, it analyzes performance data and finds potential problems. Even simple recommendations of minor CLR configuration change can have a substantial performance impact. The Precise Platform can help identify class contention, report on exceptions thrown, and diagnose memory leaks.

Accelerate Problem Resolution

To shorten the time it takes to find and fix performance problems, the Precise Platform provides a comprehensive dashboard that includes the top (slowest) executing service requests, SQL statements, and Web services. It also displays application availability, average response time, number of invocations, and SLA compliance status.

Proactive Management

With the Precise Platform, IT teams can detect and correct worrying trends before they have a chance to become a problem. Extensive reporting features in our Performance Management Database (PMDB) make it easy to proactively tune the performance of your .NET Application infrastructure.

Monitor Your SQL Server

SQL Server’s integrated CLR allows complex stored procedures to run inside the database. The Precise Platform includes a SQL Server instance type that enables full performance management of .NET compatible stored procedures.

TPM Throughout the Entire Application Lifecycle

The Precise Platform addresses the need to optimize application performance during the development, testing, and production phases of the application life cycle. This single solution can be shared by all stakeholders to simplify the process of identifying and communicating .NET performance problems.

Automated Application Management

The Precise Platform automates the manual process of collecting and correlating performance information for business transactions as they pass through complex IT landscapes including third-party applications, databases, and storage. This eliminates the need for invasive, error-prone traces.

Enterprise Resource Planning Applications

Performance issues affecting ERP applications can translate to lost revenue and lost business if not resolved quickly. Many organizations have tools to track performance for ERP applications, yet still find out about slow performance through end-user complaints. The Precise Platform monitors and measures end-user experience from click to storage across SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Applications better than native tools through your technology stack.

Custom Applications

The Precise Platform helps application support teams determine whether or not the root cause of poor end-user experience can be found in the application tier or somewhere else in the technology stack. From there, the Precise Platform can give recommendations on how to resolve issues in the fastest manner possible.