Application Stack Management

Gain deeper insight into application and server issues for faster troubleshooting

פרולוג'יק היא המפיצה הרישמית של מוצרי Solarwinds בישראל.
כמו כן פרולוג'יק מספקת חבילת מוצר מושלמת הכוללת אינטגרציה, ליווי והדרכה.

A complete view of the application and its infrastructure layers

  • Quickly identify the root cause of application issues within a unified dashboard
  • Full visibility into the performance of the environment across all layers
  • Understand relationships and dependencies in the application management stack

Identify the infrastructure impacting the app Quickly identify the root cause of application issues—app to LUN and everything in between.

  • Automated application to infrastructure relationship mapping

    The application stack management dashboard automatically maps relationships between the application and its underlying infrastructure.

  • Drill into performance details for troubleshooting in one click

    With the application stack dashboard, you can identify the root cause at-a-glance, and in a click dive into the performance details.


  • Solve performance problems right from the Web console

    Immediately take action in context—reboot or suspend virtual machines, delete snapshots, kill processes, start websites & services, and more.

  • Pinpoint virtualization bottlenecks

    Automatically detect changing relationships and drill in to troubleshoot resource contention.


  • Multi-vendor support for applications, servers, hypervisors, and arrays

    Visualize performance and relationships for 200+ applications, multiple hardware, storage, and hypervisor vendors.


  • Quickly customize your view with filter and search capabilities

    Filter on severity, business service, application, or any defined property. Easily add this view to your NOC.


  • Visibility to storage

    Trace dynamic relationships from apps, VMs, LUNs, pools, and arrays to find latency & capacity issues.


  • Monitor end-user experience

    Identify slow page load times and troubleshoot whether the problem is due to CSS, images, etc.


Hard Drive

2 x 146GB 15k Hard Drives (RAID 1/Mirrored Settings)




Quad-core processor 3GHz or better

.NET Framework

Versions 3.5 & 4.0


SQL Express comes with the software evaluation. If using a separate SQL Server, we recommend Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014, 2012, or 2008 R2 Standard Edition.

Operating System

Windows Server® 2012 or 2008 R2 (64-bit) with IIS installed, running in 32-bit mode.

Web Console Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher with active scripting, Firefox 13.0 or higher (Toolset Integration is not supported on Firefox), Google Chrome.


For a complete list of system requirements, please see the Application Stack Management Bundle Deployment Guide or view the Administrator Guides for requirements on deploying individual products.